#30daysofme Day 7

12th February 2017

One week since I started Keto again. So whats my opinion about my state right now?

Surely it takes time to adapt to keto and in my case I think it takes close to 2 weeks.However, I can feel the difference a bit already and I do not use those Keto Sticks to test if I am in keto or not simply because they are not readily available here and whats more fun than knowing your own body. So I have my own few ways to know that I am Keto adapted.

No 1 obviously is that I start loosing small numbers on scale but the major change is felt when I have some carbs. Its like my body goes under a state of extreme sleepism (if thats even a word) but its like if I have a sandwich or some other form of processed carb then I NEED TO REST.

So I feel I am getting there but once that time will come that I will feel full at all times then I will know for sure that I am Keto adapted.

Lets talk something other than KETO. Shall we?

So yesterday I ended up talking to a colleague for a long time and it was a good chat which happened after almost a year. If you know me than you would know that I am a conversationalist but some of you would also know me as the quiet one. Both the forms are pretty much mine and it took me a very long time to deconstruct my behavior pattern but when I did, it was like euphoria moment and I felt so bad that I have literally tortured myself for staying too quiet in certain settings where it was almost like I had no voice. So now I know why I have two sides to myself. The thing is, I love talking but I hate gossiping. I love discussing about a new subject, philosophy, new band and their journey etc but I hate discussing about the color of my colleagues dress last night and I unconsciously become very quiet when the later talk is going on in the group. If people would notice they would know that I ONLY join when there is a joke going on as Hey, who doesn’t like to laugh. I certainly do. I feel that in the last year there are very few people I have met with whom I can end up discussing about politics, business, love, life, happiness, dreams, passions and world for hours.  The talk here only ranges from planning for a fun party, about other people or about how disturbed our lives are and I am not talking about any particular person. This is a common decease here in Delhi. Everywhere I go people are talking about these things and it struck me as surprise that how can so many people be discontent with their lives but still there are red lipsticks on lips, crowd in metro as everyone is going to office and clubs are filed with people. Not that if you are sad you should display it on your face and by staying home but think about it, if you are everyday really sad with life then what makes you get up in the morning and continue with the same pattern without making any effort to change?

I feel its because people are suffering from the disease of averageness. No one likes to be average yet everyone settles for an average life. A friend of mine, Ankush once told me that “its not like we are different than everyone else as who ever we are seeing walking on road wants the same things- a good job, a loving partner in life and to travel the world”. I knew in my heart that this is not the entire truth but I could not get the words framed at that moment. Now I know.

All these people might be on the same wishful boat BUT they settle for standing at the sides of bank and seeing other people push the boat. They see their sweat, blood ripping down their hands, empty and grumbling stomach from days of relentless work to push the heavy boat in water and people claim that “I am fine with my job, with my life, with my wife, with my husband – with my average life”. They turn their back and return to their life but deep down inside they still want that so they come back to the bank of river again and end up doing the same routine. They also would pass hurtful comments at those who are working to swim away or row away by calling them names. I am not blaming people for doing this and I am certainly not announcing myself to be one of those who are working hard to do the unbelievable. I am only citing the difference between those who crib and those who do. The difference between the women who are discussing about the office gossip and the woman who is listening to podcast on her phone. I am just saying that not everyone is really sad because of outer world issues. Most of the human generation is sad because they just have turned their back on the beauty of life which that person will see who pushed boat hard into rough waters but now after 1000 miles, the water is blue and the boat is in beautiful lagoon.

So when I was discussing this topic with her in office, I felt that if we really want then all of us can do something to feel great and to live  a life we dream of by simply making the decision to move away from mediocrity.

Can we do this?

If still you are feeling sad after doing a lot in life then atleast you will have a great story to tell instead of talking about someone else’s shoes.

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