#30daysofme Day 5

10th February 2017

If you have ever done Keto diet then you will know that you can never eat too much carb and feel good. Its true. Since your body adjusts working on fat as a fuel and hence carbs disturbs the system and its rhythm more than we can understand.

I ate some carbs today and it all happened as a trend, feeling sick, then drink tea. If you drink tea when you are sick then you might as well have a bread slice and if you are having that you might as well eat few biscuits and then before you know it, you are suffering from carb overload.

Its like the radiator of body turns low and you feel drowsy as ever. So with feeling sick and low , I also felt way too much groggy today. Hence, not a very productive day.

I am going to sleep as obviously you know that reason.

Until next day, goodnight.

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