Life Is Beautiful!

The day today was quiet eventful. I got done with a lot of emotional stress management stuff today which included some shopping, some pending overbearing phone calls and sharing of some important distressing emotions with someone. I had been putting these off for so long and it feels so relaxing to having done those things.

While I was sailing peacefully through my day I decided to watch some TV. BTW I forgot to tell that I have reduced my white noise time tremendously and this feels like a power move. So to come to the point, I happened to watch ‘Life Is Beautiful’ movie today and it has moved me so much that I was literally crying like a CHILD when it ended.  Have you seen it? I mean c’mon. You have to watch the film.

I still can not wrap my head around the ending of the film. *Spoiler Alert* Being the Indian I am I was hoping for a happy ending, that he will remain alive. I mean all that for what? I get it that this was a sacrifice of a father for his son and at that time, in war zone, the only wish a father could have had was to have his son experience one more day. But he was smart so why couldn’t he snatch the gun of military person and shoots him instead of getting killed?

Such small wishes this man had. All he wanted was that he could also save his wife and then they could reunite as a family and have a morning which would seem like a dream where his wife brings him coffee and cookies for son, they eat and then he makes love to his wife. In movie he wishes to make love to his wife that morning for 2-3 times….if he can. Isn’t it beautiful? Such a simple wish for someone who is in midst of Holocaust and is doing every thing possible to  keep his son safe and away from the Military by using his amazing imagination. This reminds us that simple things are life’s The Most Important things.

We all have that vision right? I am not talking about the early morning sex vision guys but a vision which keeps us alive and motivates us to forge ahead in to the unknown. For some the vision is of having a brand new Honda Civic and for others its having that perfect wedding whereas for others it could be finally meeting that someone special they had been longing to meet for ages. Whatever it is which is keeping your soul warm is worth feeding love and affection for as long as we can.

Well, its amazing that I feel so liberated while writing. I feel specially writing blog is such an amazing experience where you get to speak your mind freely but it also can get lonely act at times when you can not receive a response on your topic from front. I can not help but wonder, what Mr Hanson must have said when I would have told him about my experience with ‘life is beautiful movie’? I know what. He would have quoted a psychological phenomenon (he has this for every occasion.. I mean it and I love it) like – “babe have you heard of Attachment theory and patterns in parent–infant relationships?” and I would have replied “um, well……… no”. Mr Hanson would say -“Okay. well according to that it says ——-”

AND its like whole new world again, a new perspective and a new vision. A vision to see these things from my own eyes someday, to experience this life which sounds so endearing and empowering by all means. So who is Mr Hanson?

U..Uhh not so soon guys. For now I can tell you this- Mr Hanson is one man who is by all means my Hero and one of the visions  (which I was talking about earlier in the blog) I have is that someday he will tell me that ‘Hun I read your blog/book/ story and it was amazing. It was like something I have never read before. I am so proud of you.’

Yes my fellow readers. This is one of the sweetest vision I have that I please Mr Hanson with my writing some day.

BTW, I could be lying here with the my words and names. Don’t trust me with Mr Hanson’s story but its also all true. Got Ya!

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