#30daysofme Day 4

9th February 2017

Down with terrible flu. I think the whether has finally caught me. But inspite of feeling throat ache and relentless sneezing, I did not gave into comfort food. I did drink couple of cups of tea without sugar but that’s it.

Something about my day which I am very proud of. I came home and saw amazing spread of junk food braught by my dad and to be frank I was tempted. It was one of those moments when the brain talks you into this by saying  “its just one time. So what?” BUT I restrained.

Instead I made Thai Tofu curry, steamed beans and broccoli AND cheese sauce. YUMMMM.

My cheese sauce came specially delicious. I was a cheese sauce virgin and hence my first attempt was simply awesome. Here is a silly pic of that –img_20170209_203849

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