#30daysofme Day 3

8th February 2017

I did something amazing today after I reached home but I am not going to unveil that as of now. We’ll have to wait.

When I came home today I was welcomed with an aroma of mutton curry made by my dad. Yeee. So I had no work after reaching home and hence I simply enjoyed a warm dinner with my daily dose of an episode from Fox Traveler. Tomorrow we have a Pot luck at office and hence I am waking up pretty early tomorrow to cook a carb overload = Chinese noodles with Indian twist ofcourse.

I reckon, tomorrow I will have to eat something at work since all of my team members are going to bring something and well one bite from each one’s food will pretty much offset my schedule but I will find a way — like I always do. Thank you dear Lord for this virtue.

Its time to fill my Habit Tracker and do my daily night time meditation. Viola people. See you tomorrow and until then live life like you have never lived before.

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