#30daysofme Day 1

6th February 2017

I had a nice and calm day today. I was excited the whole time about starting my healthy eating again. I did some Keto shopping yesterday and have been eating mostly healthy for the last whole week to get on tracks. I also weighed myself this morning and I am aiming to reduce few more Kilos this month and next month.

I am now going to prep my meals for three days and lets see where I go with that as none of us at home are used to prepping food. We simply make everyday food everyday but I can do few things like broiling and steaming (maybe). Lets see.

As for my Keto diet today-

I had some mushroom veggie and cheddar cheese in breakfast

1 whole wheat bun with cheese and same veggie.

Detox water-green tea- and some more water.

at night, I am going to have something small like carrot salad with mayo or a glass of milk. A lot of people avoid dairy in Keto but Indians are used to drinking a glass of milk at night and what can I say, I don’t think its that bad for me. But feel free to suggest if you think its bad.

Wish me luck for a new month and I am going to meditate in night today but from tomorrow that should be in the morning.


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