#30daysofme Day 2

7th February 2017

If you have happened to read my blog only today then I want to tell you about our challenge. What are we doing?

I have embarked upon a self improvement 30 days challenge and that includes merely three things to keep it simple and steady.

The three things are-

  1. 30 days of Keto
  2. Daily Meditation
  3. DIY balcony makeover

Today was Day 2 and I feel awesome about the day. I got up early, did meditation (atleast tried to), squeezed in some planks too, wrote my journal and did Keto (almost) the entire day.

I had some goofups with the diet as someone at work got these yummilicious gollgappas and hey if you are served golgappas then what do you do? EAT IT!

But except that and two biscuits, I had almost the whole day covered with healthy fats and proteins and less carbs.

My daily dose of nuts and green tea

I also cooked my meals and dinner for parents. So in all I feel juts super awesome today. I hope you all could also do something to improve your daily quality of life. All the best!

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