Search Continues

Let me begin this by saying that life gets easy when we open ourselves for all sorts of experiences. Loosing my phone was one of those life lessons which everyone needs in life. Such episodes makes us come face to face with our weaknesses and strengths. I certainly have particles of both in me just like how you must be having in yourself.

I am not going to use this platform to self sabotage or boast anything about myself but I would say that over a period of time, I have gained expertise on a skill – Resilience.

They say that these skills like willpower, resilience etc are just like body muscles and they also gets strong day by day if we work upon them. I think I did some work in this area that now after something happens then soon enough I get accustomed to a certain thing- it only happens when I know that I myself can not do something about this. So that’s it.

Moving on…

There is something I wanted to do in February but due to stomach infection and exciting thief experience I could not. Hence, I am going to update you all about what’s new tomorrow.

Until then, take care of yourself and accept the bitterness of life and try moving on. Try!

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