Bad News

Precisely 4 hours ago I was walking back home and three goons came on a bike from behind, hit me on my shoulder, snatched my mobile and rode away. And I had spent my last 2.5 hours in police stations and Airtel store. Finally I reached home exasperated and with a stuffy nose since I had been crying for last hour or so. Yes I know I sound week and the truth is I feel week.

I ran behind the bike with my heavy Laptop bag on my back but I missed my first 5 seconds of reaction time. Really, 1…2…3..4..5 and then I reacted by first yelling at them and then I ran. Obviously they were on a bike and 5 seconds ahead of me so it was a tough call. But I didn’t give up, I saw them taking a left turn and hence I took a left turn in a side lane thinking that I will catch them somewhere in between but I lost them. They were no where to be seen. I was falling short of breath but I kept running until I reached the end of road and realized that its done.

I saw two men on a similar bike taking a turn towards me after sometime and in my attempt to catch hold of the snatchers, I held the person sitting pillion by his shirt only to find out that he was not the snatcher… or maybe he was.. but I was not sure.

I went to Police Station and people were talking about an incident that happened this morning in that same lane when a car was stolen. A CAR. Well, maybe this means that no one is gonna pay attention to my mobile. Even though that is a mobile I purchased from my hard earned money and was for the exact money of my monthly salary of only two years back and I bought it when every one around me were getting mobile phones in gifts and I thought “aint no one who gifts me a fancy mobile” so why pity– lets splurge.

Its not only the money part that was the reason behind my salty eyes. I still have the graphics clear in front of my eyes of those men taking my cellphone away from me at the ONLY time of my day when I am extremely happy. That is the time of my day when I get the god’s love voice on my mobile. Those guys snatched my good times and took away. This hurts me bad. I am not able to handle the fact that now I can not be in touch me my loved ones.

If only I was stronger like Lara Croft, the tomb raider or Rani Mukherjee of Mardani to run as fast as their bike and hold them by collar and crash the bike. If only I was a sharp shooter with a perfect aim of hitting the tyre of their bike with a stone.  But I was weak. As I ran faster, I became weaker, I lost faith in me and obviously I had to loose them.

I might buy a new phone. Okay. I will use the money which I earned after 10 months in my organization for something so unnecessary. When I got this extra money I thought, Well I can now book a fancy hotel in Karabi. But gone with the wind. I guess I was hit by too much of a bad eye on my money or maybe that’s just my thought. But whatever the scenario, if I don’t get my mobile back then I will have to eventually buy a new one but what about that data, those whatsapp chats I have on my mobile, those pictures, the videos that I was saving and all those notes I made. I can not face loosing those. I really need all the things back. I am trying to back them up but there seems to be some problem.

At last, I want to say that I am hopeful even in this shitty time as that’s the only way I know to survive. I am repeating with conviction in my heart at all times that “I am going to get it and I am going to have all of my data and I am going to stay at a fancy hotel in my next trip”.


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