Since last couple of days I had been feeling a certain emotion which is hard to express. In my ordeal to make you understand, I would ask you a question. Okay?

Have you ever saw a Mirage?


Well, imagine that you are seeing one right now and it appears so damn mesmerizing and beautiful. Since mirage only occurs at very high temperature, we know that it feels like a miracle. In the steaming hot sunlight, in middle of no where, when you did not expect to see any water whatsoever, you see a Mirage. You feel wonderful. At the back of your head, you always know that its an illusion of water in middle of desert but still when after a while, it disappears, you feel that feeling right…

The feeling of some what sadness. The feeling of finally waking up from something so beautiful. Well, I had somewhat that kind of feeling and no I am not PMSing. I had this weird drop in happy hormones when I felt like the Mirage of my life is lifting finally. I felt this in almost every part of my current situation: My job, my health, my relationship, my future.. everything. Its like, everything that I considered truth is somehow my illusion.

And I read this horoscope today. Untitled

Well, it actually makes sense but if only I could figure out what is the clutter. Can someone help me. Its a request.


A girl trying to find meaning in life.


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