I have become quiet!

Today I was given a humble feedback by someone I meet almost everyday and the feedback was that I have become aloof and quiet.

If I think about it then maybe yes. My outer worlds has become a lot more quieter and my inner world is actually pretty pumped up. Its like I am saving energy for something great. To be honest, I feel quiet excited about new projects at work, my daily blog, my book, my group #happy60ing and my life in general. I feel this weird energy which kind of pushes me towards something bigger then I experienced yesterday. I am forging ahead …in my head.. with all the life force I have within me. Lets hope I rest my ship at a much needed harbor soon.

But my friend was kind of right in saying that I have become aloof and I would say that its not so much to do with being aloof but actually its just that I have become very selective of my time. I kind of preserve it for the best. Now you will ask me that what have I done with all the time I had at hand after saving it from social gathering. To this I would want to illustrate a point here- We have 168 hours in a week and out of which I work officially for 45 hours and unofficially for 60-70 hours. My daily commute to work takes 5 hours which is 25 hours in a week. So now calculate how many hours I have left in a week? 168-25-70 =73 hours. Out of this two days are weekoff hence on a daily basis I have only 25 hours to splurge.

So basically I have to choose very carefully about where I am going to spend my time. Isn’t it?

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