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Recently some events made me realize that money is actually important in life if you are willing to be in the circle of people. I never really focused on it earlier as I felt that money is a bi-product of success and hence I focused on success. But maybe success translates into money after a long time.

I am not sure if I should be writing such a blog and promoting the money idea per se. But  in the last one week, some series of events made me realize that I have been losing an opportunity all this while to earn more by focusing on money plus success. It was when I was advised to buy a cheap car by my own sister as thats the one I could afford which later I figured even she would not buy for herself, or when I went car shopping with my boss who wanted the best of best and suggested a very basic one for me as thats the one I could afford, or when the person I love showed concerns over my finances or when my best friend again did not include me in his world tour plannings.

So be it.

Money is what we need then lets do this.

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