Change is constant!

The end of September brought so many news for me- some about me and so many about others. Some bad and some so bad that I could only imagine those on cinema. I ask why? why does such bad stuff happens to people?

And this brings me to this fact that Change is inevitable and hence I wonder how much can someone really plan for themselves as with only a blink of eye, so much can change.

I am humming this song since long today and thought this fits the feelings I am feeling- some for myself and some for those who are suffering in their lives. Lets hum together.

If we are all hurting then we are all together in that. No one is really alone. Right?

Lag Ja gale

“Paas Ayiye Ke Hum Nahi Ayenge Baar Baar                                                                               Bahen Gale Me Daal Ke Hum Ro Le Zaar Zaar.

Aankhon Se Phir Ye Pyaar Ki Barasaat Ho Na Ho
Shaayad Phir Is Janam Men Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho”

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