What should we do?

Yesterday I wrote a rather embarrassing truth about myself. It was awkward to write on such an open platform since these are supposed to just remain in your inner circle or at max make it to your personal diary. Also it opens door to that criticism that ‘you are doing that for cheap sympathy’ and that’s why I never post these blogs on any of the social media platforms. But now that I have rang that bell, how do I turn it down? What should I do to come out of my sad comma? You know I actually feel much much better today. I am less anxious and more upbeat but I am still a bit concerned about Monday. Why? I dont know. But I am.

I was thinking today about a lot of things surrounding this question that why do I feel sad when a certain thing happens, a certain person behaves in a certain way or when I constantly have to put up with same stress. I mean why should any of this effect me? I am strong woman and I know that what I am a doing is right and have good intentions then why do someone else’s bad intentions hurt me?After a lot of thinking I came to this conclusion that people are always going to be the way they are. We will always have some friends who will tell us “well, I don’t think you cant do this thing”. We will always have relatives pointing out at our failures. We will always have over concerned parents. We will always have friends getting married, having kids, multi dating, buying houses, going on foreign trips, getting expensive gifts, starting something new. We also will always be tat too much worried about some friends , some siblings. We will always have weddings to attend to where people will be ready to offer awesome -not -so- good relations for you and hence what can we do about it. I mean this is how life is. Out of all these people, not all will have bad intentions for you. I mean some of them will cherish sharing their lives with us and we will love them even more but lets face it, there are also people who will try to put us down and make us feel that we lost that battle and are still standing alone at battle field where everything is already ruined.

I again ask myself this question that -‘Okay, people are sometimes jerk or sometimes they are subconsciously jerk but why should it effect me?’

The quest of an answer took me back to my Art of Living class which I attended long back and I recollected what the instructor had told us “Don’t see intention behind others’ mistakes.” 

 This basically points us to the value of Compassion in us. This also is a way of life to understand that everyone behaves in a certain way because of some of their values and their issues and as Mr Hanson also says that ‘most of the time what people say or do is not directly pointed at you but are rather reactions of their own personal issues’ and he and Art of living masters are damn right.

Not convinced?

Think about that bad day of yours when you went to office all groggy and sad and all you wished from world was to stay away by simply sensing your aura but NO people kept coming to you and kept asking you questions. Another time when you were at a Lunch table then you could have simply evaporated in air if you could because none of the people around could sense your sadness. It happens with every one at some or other point in day to day rut life so its easy to accept that others might also be going through some of their shit. Plus the biggest problem we face is the fact that we start expecting a lot. So maybe this is the recipe- expectations Zero and fighting your own battle.

BTW, I have an awesome plan for February. Will post about that soon.

Signing Goodnight…

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