I slept on escalator

Before I say anything about this, I want to say that I came home and told my dad about this and he said “You should not listen to songs on cellphone while you are on escalator”. I mean, he totally ignored the fact that a healthy 30 Plus woman lost senses while standing on escalator.


Anyways, so this is what happened and I feel it was very strange. I got down from my metro and took the first escalator to upper level of station. I had my earphones on and my eyes were hurting so I pinched both eyes with two fingers and I sort of slept and I didn’t realize how long it took as the next thing I know was, I was tripping from that escalator as I reached the end of it.

It was very strange as when I tripped and saw people starting at me, I felt like I woke up suddenly from a dream or a deep slumber and that its all very very weird. How can someone sleep on a moving escalator. Has anyone ever heard of any such thing?

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