10 ways to DE-Clutter your Life

Its been days and days and now it seems to have turned into months that you have not spent one day with focus on YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE. Your mood swings are now the talk of town, every little thing seems to irk you and you have no idea why, then its time to de-clutter your life. Read the importance of de-cluttering – DE-Clutter your Life.

Now you know the importance but how do we do it and from where do we start as everything seems to look like a mess at this point?

I have discovered very simple and step by step process which, if you decide to complete delicately then I bet your life will look much cleaner and sorted from inside out. Also these can be done in ONE day.  Without further ado, lets get right into the process.

1) Mobile – Start here.

Take a moment and see all the Aps that you have on your smartphone, all the unwanted pictures that gets stored from whats app, all those unwanted downloads and screen them now. Delete all those Aps which you have not used in a while. Mostly, you would not have touched these Aps even once after downloading. They don’t deserve in your life like everything else which is just there because one day you felt like getting it for yourself but today it serves no purpose in your life, whatsoever (See the deeper meaning here).

2) Computer

Everyday you would download a new file and receive a new unwanted promotional mail, official mails not sorted in their respective folders then this needs to stop now. All these files deserve a home of their own so make one for every one. This might take some time if you have basically never done this but if you do like to keep your life sorted then my money is on you. I assume that its just a matter of new files and new mails that are lying everywhere. But whatever the case maybe, someone rightly said, its never too late to start.

3) Closet- The big gun

This is where all the mess lies. Isnt it? I don’t know about you but if my closet is messed up then it sits on top of my head, almost every time I am in my room. And the moment I open it in morning to take out my day clothes for office, I assure you that it does not spark any happiness whatsoever, instead it makes me antsy about myself. So , my dear friend, take out time today and sort that mess please. There are several ways to manage your closet, some take more time and other take very less. Its really your choice You can google and find many ways today like Capsule wardrobe, Kon-Mari, keeping everything on hangers, keeping everything in boxes, keeping everything stacked up, mixing all these. Basically, you can go nuts but I would suggest do something different. I mean lets challenge our brains a bit. Shall we? I just saw one link on this and sharing with you all –20-ways-to-organize-your-bedroom-closet

4) Books Shelf- This is my personal big task

I am this book worm who ends up buying books on spree like most people buy shoes. I have very little control over this and then I end up stocking these new – never read books near my bed so that I would remember reading them. Hence all I do is, take out all the books from all nooks and corners and segregate them according to preference, reading vs ‘not yet started reading’, author categories and then if I have read them then I keep them in my books shelf and all other ones in a shelf in front of my desk. You can surely try your method.

I think I should also include here all those loose lying papers, receipts, half empty notebooks which you haven’t used in ages- get rid of those. Please.

5) Laundry

This actually works in accordance with cleaning the closet. But lets go one more step, change the bed sheets, pillow covers, check your office purse for any handkerchiefs,  kitchen towels, bath towels, socks if they are in shoes etc. Imagine how nice everything will smell when you will get rid of these and put on a fresh bed cover, take out fresh washed towels. Yummm (I know its wrong expression but what other expression do I use for this sensory explosion sort of feeling- let me know).

6) Kitchen

I agree that this is the tough one. But we have to do this if we want to feel like we have achieved something today. Lets clean all the utensils in kitchen sink, wipe them dry, place them in their dedicated cabinets (If you want you can also clean all the cabinets), arrange the utensils in their proper places, sort the spice rack, clean the insides of microwave, check fridge for any unused sauce bottle and throw that away and last but not the least- clean the drainage pipe. There are many pipe cleaning products available in market these days where you simple have to first clean the sink properly then pour that powdery thing in the pipe , let it stay for few minutes then pour a lot of water on that and this will take away the inside grease of the pipes. But imagine, how would feel afterwards when you will walk into this freshly smelling kitchen with all taps shining like diamonds.

7) Bathroom

This is also my favorite area to clean. I don’t know why but when I clean my bathroom I enjoy it so very much. I go extra mile and by that I mean, I not only clean the makeup and beauty products, shelf, buckets etc. I also clean the tiles like an expert by scrubbing them with my fancy products which I specially buy for MY bathroom. There is something about that moment when I see tiles getting cleaned by my scrubbing. I also wash them and pat them dry. I don’t know why I do this but you can choose a way that makes you happy.

8) Dusting

Yes, we have cleaned insides of everything so lets just simply dust the ousters. I mean in my house, I rarely encounter huge amount of dust on my table etc even though I live in dusty country #india. The reason is that we clean these almost every day but today, you can go extra mile and wipe all open spaces with some damn cloth and you can use some essence in that water.

9) Clean bed sheet

Yes we already covered this in laundry but again if you do not have a laundry to take care of , do change the bed sheet. It just spices up the life.

10) Final touch

I think this step is crucial and will give that extra bit happiness. After you have cleaned everything and have sorted everything that needed to be sorted then either burn some incense sticks in the house or maybe do some potpourri with incense of your choice. Then take a lavish bath. Message your awesome body with wonder oils of your choice, scrub, wash with good smelling lavender body wash, sing songs while taking bath and then message your clean self with some body lotion of your choice. Imagine a clean sorted fresh smelling home and you sitting there with so much peace.

I love imagining you in your new De cluttered life. Make my imagination real please. Go ahead and give yourself this much needed break. I wish you all the best.



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