DE-Clutter your Life

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Monday: Alarm snoozed for fourth time, jump right out of bed or will miss your 7:00 AM metro to work. Shower, brush teeth, wear laid out clothes but it does not feel right so at the very last moment, remove the shirt and search closet for something with more feel good factor. Ok, found one, remove the old one and dump in the closet without folding properly, left for work with unfinished breakfast and unkempt books shelf. Office was as mundane as it can be on a Monday, except Boss’s emails on latest escalations, peers emails on more escalations, customer’s emails, project deadline updates – some emails gets clicked and some are left for future read – mess. Reach home tired from work, remove shoes untidily, clothes on chair which is to be kept later, cup here, mug there, dinner half hardheartedly in front of Netflix Girlboss series, sleep after long hours – mess

Tuesday: Alarm snoozed for fifth time, missed the metro so now  will have to spend humongous money in cab, choose clothes from closet which is now starting to resemble self loathing mess, shoes, well, pick the one which is at the most bottom of shoes rack, mess the entire rack, rush out , board the cab – mess. Office is same again but more emails pilled up to read with new ones which needs answering right away, unfinished projects and start a new one- mess. Reach home and remove shoes next to yesterday’s shoes which were never kept back to where it belonged, clothes on top of yesterday’s clothes – mess mess mess

a day before Weekend: Wake up fresh as its the last day of week, skip breakfast as Friday means out -eat-day. office work most fun, everyone upbeat, lunch eat till stomach hurts, pizza day, junk is fun on Friday. Reach home late after long due fun (due since a week) times with friends afterall tomorrow is weekend. Reach home and spend whole night watching Netflix, sleep at 4 AM after many midnight snacks. Before sleeping, made plans to clean everything tomorrow.

Weekend : Wake up groggy past 10 AM, lie down, check notifications, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp chat with boyfriend/girlfriend, made plans to watch a movie, get ready and leave home only to return way past night.

Does any of these days sounds familiar to you?

Its usually not a week or two weeks until the change starts to show itself. Its usually a month or months when we are not able to find that pink t-shirt in closet or those expensive shoes in rack, at all times there is brain fog,  anxiety, sort of sadness and depression. Well, if anything like that happens then look around. Maybe some part of your life is De-Cluttered right now. It can be your home or your mind.

Lets work together to find a solution.

Want steps on how to De-Clutter? Wait until tomorrow.

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