Sharing a memory-

Ok so yes I am a true and ardent fan of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. Did I ever tell you this?

From the time I saw Rang De Basanti, I was hooked. I was hooked to the way he does direction, scene transitions, background scores and mostly I loved his movies because of the exuberant want for something more than what every one else assumes to be Biggest thing like family, love and even life. His movies showed us the ruthless desire to tap into that innermost self which knows better, is braver, does wonders, set out itself to achieve goals which according to everyone is crazy and unbelievable.

I always feel that a part of him was detached when he was born and that is ME.

But this time when I saw the advertisement of his upcoming blockbuster movie (I can say blockbuster as that is no joke… its bound to be one), I saw LOVE. I was in awe of that teaser. Maybe I have already seen that at-least 10 times but at the same time I am surprised to see this emotion in his movies. Mostly love, friendship and family are integral parts of his story but the crux is always something which is bigger then ourselves so I am too excited to see his vision of LOVE.

Please do watch this Trailer-



But look at how the movie turned- Such Sad

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