What really is Success?

In my favorite kind of conversations today, we spoke about Success and its equation in life and Mr Hanson told something so inspiring that I had to steal that thought and write here. This thing which he told today gives a complete new way to evaluate our success and it can change the way we look at things if we pay attention to this thought.

Food for Brain: A good way to evaluate your success is to take a look at what you have done and evaluate that what are the chances that someone else would have done what you did if you weren’t there.

We are running a rat race and we all know this but what really is the driving force behind what we do? Is it money? Appreciation from others? Status? A greater purpose?

Whatever the reason is, we need to know how we evaluate our success and by that I mean how much is too much for us? When do we know that now I have achieved some success as lets face it, after we achieve a certain goal in life, its not sweeter after a few days like it was on the first day. The affect of that achievement fades away as people start telling us to push forward like there is no end to this race but if this was true then why don’t everyone end up becoming CEO of a company? Well, I feel the difference in someone who is happy and content in his success to that of who is constantly in the battle of more and more is that very thought Mr Hanson told me about. Those who realize that what they have done is unique to their ability, have basically won the game as compared to the well defined society made success where you are able to climb a ladder but if ¬†you think about it, if you were not there then someone else would have been at the top because that ladder is going to be there irrespective of your presence.

However, I am not saying that from now onwards we should not work harder at our jobs to achieve the “success at work” because this is what will lead all of us to that final goal which is unique to all of us where our presence is all which will be needed and the corporate struggle of today is pivotal for that moment as no war is ever won at the battle field but it is always won before even starting for the war, in training.

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