Does Affirmations work?

I have been a fan of Robin Sharma and Paulo Coelho for almost all of my life. I have practically woken up cell by cell after reading their books. Then I read the much awaited “The Secret” and my friends there was no secret in the book Secret. All those new age philosophies were already discussed under great titles like The alchemist, Monk who sold his Ferrari and power of subconscious mind. From ages people have been telling that the only way to achieve your dreams are by Visualizing your end results and be audacious in your approach. Just believe in yourself. Maybe this is the reason that I have never given up on hope but things have not magically appeared in my life. I mean I am not complaining but I am just saying that its not as magical as described. So I feel that maybe I am missing out on some important factor in all this and that could be Affirmations.

To be very frank, from beginning I found affirmations too silly. Like I could never stand in front of the mirror and say to myself “you are beautiful”. Even if I will, a part of me will leapfrog and tell me “Oh you are silly silly woman”. BUT maybe this is the key.

What is Affirmation?

When you repeatedly announce a certain phrase to yourself then it is supposed to be engraved in your subconscious mind and which means that you will attract opportunities which fits your affirmation. In simple words, you will meet the desired success as your brain will look for ideas and chances.

A part of me says that this is true. Why?

Ever wondered that when we keep on saying that “oh this is not going to work”, “she is hurting me”, “my parents don’t get me” or “I am not going to meet someone nice” then almost every time this comes true. Its like the amount of pessimism we have in us attracts the same amount of negativity in our daily lives.

So when it can works in negative scenarios then it should work with a positive frame work too. But what is the right way to do affirmation? Any body would like to suggest me?

I am affirming to be at a place where I am valued and where I bring value.


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