This is why I missed a day!

I mentioned on day 20 that I missed writing on that day and that I will tell the story behind this in sometime, right? Well, this is the story-

It was exactly 3:00 AM in the morning and I found myself at a strange little Bus-Stop. At first I felt that this is just some tiny stop for 2-3 passengers travelling in the bus with me and my stop will come in a hour or two. But I was brought to my senses when driver yelled “Rishikesh”.

“what am I going to do now? A peak outside my window and all I could see was pitch dark night, lots of empty buses, a thick white foggy breeze and a few taxi drivers appearing from ambush”. Even in deep sleep mode I could relate this moment with a movie ‘Jab We Met’ with the scene when kareena misses her train and find herself  in her night dress stranded alone in the middle of an uncommon station. Soon it all starts, unexpected men approaching her, people assuming her to be a hooker and her journey of meeting her future life partner. Nothing of that sort was about to happen with me obviously and in my case, I got down from the bus without any desire what so ever and started walking aimlessly to mainly withdraw people’s attention from a ‘single-girl’ and also to gain a bird’s eye view of the bus stop to mainly scan and find a decent place to sit for and wait for a while.  He was supposed to pick me up at 4:00 AM and that too was too harsh of a request I had made to someone who had come on a holiday and its now only 3:00 AM. How can I wake him up and ask him to ride his bike in this harsh cold morning to pick me up and even if I will, he will still reach in atleast half an hour.

Wait a minute. Let me tell you the story from beginning.

During my normal Thursday afternoon at work, I was having a meltdown and at exact same moment I received a call from one of my best friends telling me that he is visiting a few places near Delhi and would like to see me when he is in Delhi, on 22nd January 2017. I said Ok and to my surprise ended up crying on call. This stupid fellow announced that he is cancelling his trip and straight away coming to Delhi to see me. That- those words were enough to make me feel blessed and divert my attention to something I HAVE instead of focusing on things I am fighting to attain in life. So, in a heat of moment I saw a hope and thought ‘what if I join you on your trip?’

So in one day’s time, I booked my to and fro tickets from Delhi- Rishikesh – Haridwar and back. The only problem was that my bus timings were odd and I had to ask my friend to pick me up at an odd hour (4 AM) but he graciously agreed, as always. But my bus reached early and here I was in middle of nowhere.

I found a tiny little tea-shop and ordered a cup of tea and sat there with my hoodie sipping away the chai, telling myself to wait it out for an hour. BUT noticed that my phone was about to die so I had to make that call to my friend, Syed and to my surprise he picked my call in 2 rings and said “Ï am coming”.

This is the moment in life when you realize that you did not loose the battle completely in life. You may have had a lot of unnecessary turbulent times in the matter of hearts but you ended up making real friends in life. Friends who treat you as their own. I am gratefully blessed with such friends in my life and that Saturday morning was a gentle reminder of that fact.

What happens next- We drove through a thick, dark, scary forest road for almost an hour to reach the place where he and his group was staying. One lesson I have learned after all my treks- Do not play with the night forest! And here we were, only two people on a scooty, surrounded by a thick forest mountain road, no light on horizon, no light on streets, river Ganga flowing ferociously on our left and a dark-twisted – never ending road ahead.

But we had no choice. We had to keep riding. I had to keep praying. I did not notice the chill wind even once as the fear of staying alive was too big. His hands had frozen and turned bluish but he did not complaint even once. He rode patiently with agreeing to all my stupid commands of ‘drive slow, drive on left side of the road, keep away from the valley point, honk, dipper lights before the turn’ and he kept saying “Okay-Okay-Okay”.

We finally reached the resort and walked through another 10 minutes or so through the jungle path to find out closed-doors of the resorts. wow. So we trespassed. Yes, we jumped the walls of that resort at 5 AM.

Anyhow, we reached and felt so relieved to be alive and safe.

The next 24 hours of my life were much needed hours. There was no network in the region and I was in the company of my dearest Syed and his friend who is a Writer. Can you imagine?

It was heavenly. No work related messages, no NPS, no mails, no phone calls, no unplanned leaves, no tensions = BLISS.

What was there?

Ganga river floating beside our resort, a morning walk near the river banks, delicious hot breakfast & tea, company of inspiring & fun people, trek, mountains, waterfall, laughter, white river rafting, tripling, maggi, meeting new & exciting people, danger meets adventure, night time market stroll, delicious food, warmth of a friend and most importantly a hope that ‘everything is going to be fine’.


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