Change: Needed VS Received

Last couple of months has been pretty dramatic with fairy tale experiences to horrified equations but over all I was able to handle it, even if that means taking certain things with a huge gulp of faith in my own abilities.

Things changed from X to y and then to Z and then somehow again to X BUT wait a minute, it just again changed to ^&. This is the phase which I can not decode and hence what best I can do now: Jump right into it with belief in my own abilities.

This is the message I want to deliver today to all of my friends who are currently struggling with a choice at hand or who have been cornered by life into some sort of unknown trajectory. I wish that you can find peace with whats at hand and jump right into the unknown with strong belief in your own capabilities. Ofcourse, not all of us have a dark road ahead of us and rather, some of us can see at-least a few nooks and corners. So decide for yourself but whats important is to make the decision and don’t worry: everything is gonna be alright.

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