A sad day

I almost thought of not writing today as seriously I am not getting any inspiration from within. Something terrible has happened today. I don’t think that indulging in the nitty gritty of the issue is the best way to handle it so instead I want to say here that when time throws one of these tantrums at us then its best to sit at side line for a while and just become a sponge which absorbs all the lessons which are there to be learned.

I know that at any such event when something bad and unexpected happens to us then our instant behaviors is reactive and we all do this. But if maybe we try to listen to life for a bit and understand that the pain we are experiencing can be used as an energy source to do something great with our lives then maybe all bad experiences can be termed as important crash courses.

I mean it when I say this as personally also in my life I have been able to find at-least ONE positive thing from every negative event of my life. Even if I experience bad pain then also somewhere in my subconscious mind I have an audio playing with is telling me that ‘sooner or later I will be fine’. BUT, that is when something grave happens to me. What should I do when it happens to someone I love dearly?

How do you handle that?

Even then there is one thing I know- We all got tomorrow. Lets make that a better day. Lets learn from the experience today and use that to enrich our souls. Sometimes, Faith is all we have. Right?

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