Finding my balance

It has been exactly 31 days that I have not written my blog and its obvious to say that not only I fell off my wagon but I actually tripped, got hurt and fell into a dangerous speed boat which took me on this journey through a wild ocean. Each time the boat would takes a turn, it would soaks me deep into the sea water leaving me gasping for air. I longed to go back and find my perfect abode but with all that twists and turns, I was almost at all the times suffering from dizziness and whenever the sea would be silent I would look around me and find no way to getting off this thing to run towards the place where I belong.

Infact, I had almost declared that this is my new life now. I stay here and I aim at concurring the sea but how juvenile I was thinking of taming a wild horse. Nevertheless, the brain has its way of changing the limiting beliefs and it took me 31 days to find that balance, a small space in that havoc where I can peacefully sit and rest for a while.

There is no way for me to go back now- so lets call it a new home. Please know that I don’t entirely like this change and if you want the truth then I am horrified at this moment. Life is crazy.

In the last few weeks, I lost the career ladder, was back-stabbed by a friend, had to live away from some one I dearly love, gained a lot of weight, almost fought depression, could not find comfort in my friends, could not find space to read and write – in short I was lost – completely. But maybe now, I am trying to find my balance and I feel I have almost got it. I have also started to look at everything from a new angel.

Lets see where I go from here.

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