30 Days of Me: Day 3

A picture of your Animal

Well, I don’t have one 🙁 But I can share the picture of an Animal I would love to have in my future life.  Before that I want to share something. So my grandfather was in Indian Army and as a perk he always had dogs at home. Hence , as a growing up child we always had a dog in our family but after my grandfathers last dog went missing and we never got a new one. My dad says its heartbreaking to loose pets and we did not fight with him but he tells these stories of a smaller me sleeping on my dog’s back after coming back from prep school. My mom tells that I would sneak away during dinner time and would eat from my dog’s bowl. So maybe I have this instinctive feeling to have the same dog in my life once again.

I have a rule in life that I want to have a child when I am well equipped with a good life’s fuel so that I can provide things easily for my children. Well, I have the same philosophy for my dog. But here is the picture of my to be dog (Some day).

Image result for labrador dog images free download

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