I did not write for three days and during those days I asked myself : what is that one thing which will completely break me and I tried to introspect that, whats happening today can be one of those moments. Well, I have figure out this : Its not for me to know.

Its true that every hardship I faced made me more and more stronger as a person. I would seldom ask myself during frustration times that when I am so nice to everyone and honest in life then don’t I deserve the best of things for me and well when I was asking that question once again I realized that I did get something out of the world on my lap last year. Even though, today it seems like I don’t have that anymore still I do not think that even for one second I was unhappy or less grateful for what I got in life. Maybe my one birth’s good deed has been┬áconcerted into one last year of Happiness and I am done for life.

Its time to wipe off that feeling that I do not get what I deserve and do the work. Maybe I am one of those who are not born to have the life which everyone dreams of and maybe I am one of those who are born to give. There is nothing wrong in this and I embrace it in my life now onwards.

Yes, the girl in me will fight back several times when she will see others floating around space with all those fanciness in life but that’s when I would need the help of you: My White Page.

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