Hitting Rock Bottom

What it feels like hitting Rock Bottom? I don’t know but wait maybe I do know. But before I think about Rock Bottom, I want to understand what Rock Bottom actually means?

As per Google,  if you are at rock bottom, you are the most unhappy you have ever been in your life and Urban Dictionary says “A state of being wherein you feel as if you cannot sink any lower emotionally, psychologically, or physically.”

The point to capture here is “emotionally, psychologically, or physically” and as per this there is an OR in the options and not AND hence these are independent of each other and can occur in their grandest form in a person “alone or with its companion (the other variables)”.

My point is, if something bad happens to you then can you go around saying that you have hit the lowest level of whatever that is? But once again, why would you worry about saying or not saying to anybody, considering you have hit the ‘Rock Bottom’. 

They say, that when you hit rock bottom then you only go up and I love this concept as technically this is true. I mean, think about it, for how long will you suck it up and stay there? Not very long I assume. Sooner or later you will feel disgusted and you are bound to rise up. There is one more beautiful thing about this phase and that is this is the phase of NO FEAR. I mean what more can go wrong now. You gottta be kidding me if you name something.

Moving on:

Yes, it happens that sometimes we do fall off the wagon and the de-tour makes us shit in our pants and we realize that this is it. The hard work, the zeal, the friendship, the love, the money, the body, the mind, almost everything was perishable and its now GONE. So shed some tears or do me a favor, please shed a lot of tears and get over it. Take a deep breath and start all over again.

I know this wasn’t the plan but we are no quitters and hence we choose to ALWAYS fight the battle. Yes you will be alone in this and yes you will be the left out one but hey focus on the goal. I say, paint the goal picture so beautiful in your mind’s eye that at every moment you see that in your head.  AND the most important part here is – DO THE WORK.

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