I am like her?

It so happened that in one single day I got compared to two TV icons in their television artist form. Before I say who those are I want to say that if I have to compare myself to someone from TV then I would say I am Ami from Big Bang Theory. Now, before you jump the gun I want to say that I know I am not that geeky BUT I still am more geek than an average person around me PLUS I am in love with Sheldon Cooper.. I mean not the TV version of him but maybe the “REAL” form of Sheldon Cooper- nerdy, smart, humble, detached but attached, savvy but homey and super super Geeky.

But I got compared to two women by two women. One was my colleague with whom I spoke today for the first time and it was like a small talk but she dropped the bomb out if nowhere and said “I really like you. Have you seen Suits?”

I was like, “I have heard of it but haven’t seen it.”

“Well, you are actually just like Jessica Pearson of Suits” and she continued “she is this smart woman and you remind me so much of her”.

This is she BTW-Image result for jessica pearson love interest in suits

Then I got a text from my baby sis telling that she is watching something called “Girlboss” and I remind her of that woman who is playing girl boss. I think this is the women-

Image result for girlboss actress

Now, I have not seen any of the two series but I got interested and I googled like any smart women and found that both are sort of bad asses and well yeah that I AM.

But still I would like to be Amy PLUS a Bad ASS.

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