Sickness, unfulfilled dreams and life’s tantrum can completely throw one out of their tracks. I feel like I was on a very high speed train which was running at speed of light on the middle of busy street, causing ruckus and disturbing the symmetry of the place and thus causing everyone to hate the people on the vehicle. ┬áBut I was on the 7th moon as I loved the speed, the adrenaline rush, the adventure and being on the top of that train. I took risks, dove high in the air to catch lights and not even for a second I dreaded that I could fall from here. But inevitable happened, a high speed wind rushed from opposite direction and blew me away.

For a while I was in air, not knowing where I will land and before I could catch a sense of my belonging I was dumped at sidewalks of that same street. I am sure no one noticed me as that train was still of tracks and people were still on a high and I was just a single broken piece of that malfunctioning train. But I felt as if my whole world came crashing down and slowly it started sinking in me that I have fell, that I lot a battle I never intended to fight at the first place but here I was sitting and finding some strength to walk again and find a way to walk out of here. Oh I forgot to tell you one rule of this game: you could not get back on that fast train if once for any reason you are off that. Yeah thats how it was.

Today, although a saw something which filled my heart with desire almost like I was feeling when I was at top of the world. The picture made me realize what I already know that the train was worth the time I was on it and now is my time to create a train of my own which is filled with love and encouragement and no one is thrown out of it unless they want to go. I hope that all of us who feel that they lost a battle in life find the inner strength which is all that is needed to march ahead.

Alishan National Scenic Area, Chiayi County, Taiwan 20130424

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