I had my off today

By now you all must have figured out that I am an obsessive planner and this has started way back when I was a child. I used to love making Time Tables which would be precise to core like wake up at 4:37 AM, study History for 1 hour till 5:50 AM (No I did not made a mistake with time, I gave a buffer  of 13m for loo and brushing teeth etc.) and like wise the whole day would be planned only to fail in it. I still do this. I still make plans.

Mr Hanson once told me that I fail at all these because I aim at too many things so rather I should aim to aim at the most important aim. Makes sense. Why wouldn’t it? It came from The Man himself. So since then I started making small plans like making sure that I would work at 5 things at least in a day …..” I know you said one most important thing but I am trying to cut short. Please bare with me”.  I am not saying that I finish everything I plan in fact on some days I only end up doing like 2 out of 5 things BUT I still feel ‘Okay, at least I did something’

Here is one challenge for you – try making so many plans continuously and I bet that you will get hooked to ‘making plans’ like me.

This is so me. I actively choose one Sunday evening in a month to plan for the upcoming month, weeks and the next week which is just around the corner. So, sometimes this gets the best of me hence this smart lady came with a plan to make NO plan on some days.

Today was one of those days. I did not do anything I wanted to do. WHY? Because I wanted to R-E-L-A-X.

So this is what I did BUT that does not mean that my tomorrow is off too. I am now going on to color my bullet journal and check my progress.

This Indian Girl is saying BYEEEE to all of you.

Good Night my fellas.

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