We were now driving through a beautiful mountain meadow valley, if that’s even a thing of reality.  He had asked me if I would write a blog about this and I said yes, little did I know that this would be the thing I would be writing about.


Our car moved like a serpent in that zig zag mountainous valley road and a beautiful song played at his car stereo to which we were humming slowly, almost as if we didn’t know the lyrics of the song but still wanted to sing, like we were doing the entire time we were in that car, almost for 10 hours I think. We always played stupid and silly FAQ games to keep us from dozing off . It was his turn so he asked.

“If God would come in front if right now and would permit you to wish one desire and he would make that happen, just like that, no questions asked. What would you ask?”

“what?, ask what kind of wish?”

“Oh, I forgot to mention, it can be a passion wish like you wanted to be some sort of prodigy but you weren’t so now if you are given a change then what would you like to be?”

“Wow, this is a good game. Well, I would like to be an artist….no no no… wait.. I would like to be a dancer. A world class, one of its kind, beauty in the beast , creative, dreamy, all rounder dancer.”

He laughed so hard that for a second I forgot it was just a wish and nothing that was materialized. “Oh quiet, what would you be?”

“Hmmm, you know something? I always wanted to be a singer. Not just any singer but the one who would sing from heart in such a way that people around him would feel that emotion when he is singing like a sufi, melodious and heartfelt singer.”

I said,”imagine our dreams come true. You are sitting here in the meadow singing that mesmerizing mountain fold song and I am dancing to its tune.”

He said nothing but laughed. I think it was hard for him to imagine me dancing but I could see it, the dance and the beauty surrounding that dancer.

what would you ask from God if given a chance?

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