An Ideal Day Vs Real Day!

Everyday I run from pillar to post trying to accomplish as much as I can in order to come close to my ideal day in life but I fail every day. What is the image of that ideal day for me?

Ideal day– Wake up at 5 AM before anybody has woken up, feel fresh and energetic, do yoga, write journal and get ready for the day.

Study German in metro.

Reach office and complete all the assigned tasks of the day and work on my project which would help me in personal and professional developments.

Travel back home and feel happy and awesome.

Reach home and enter into my humble abode. My room in my head is my sanctuary, my Menlo lab. I freshen-up, eat dinner, write and feel awesome about my book.  Before sleeping I complete one chapter of Richard Branson Autobiography. My room is cozy and beautiful and I love it here. I sleep on time ready to wake up for a new day.

Actual Day– Snooze alarm for 5 more times and wake up at 5:40 AM, run and run and catch the bus to metro in freezing winters.

Feel groggy all the way till I reach office. Read my novel or listen to some music or watch some video.

Office- start working on one task and Bamm a new task on hand. Ok let me multi task, Bamm one more task. Bamm.Bamm. Its 5 PM and could not even start my project.

Groggy and rush towards metro to not miss by 5:25 PM metro which will leave me at home at 7:30 PM. BUT I always miss this metro so hence I reach home by 8 PM.

Tired and very tired. Eat dinner and watch Mindy’s project on TV. Retire to my room and write my daily blog.

SHIT! its 11 PM and I have to get up at 5 AM. Try and sleep and I guess I fall asleep before 12 AM atleast.


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