Natural Detox

To begin with, I want to say something about my last month so far (food wise). You all know that I like eating clean and healthy food at almost all the time but ironically I also have a bad relationship with food at stressful time. You can say that I am one of those people who find solace in food at crisis times. Since, my complete last month has taken me on a wild journey with my career, finance, family and side hustle, I have been stuffing food in my mouth at odd hours. I knew it that soon I am going to get a digestion issue and then lot of bile movement and voila, I am free of bad food coma and can start on my keto again. But the stress just did not reduce and hence the foodcoma continued. Although, I did find a way to play the negatives in my favor but again that meant added work pressure on my already stressed work atmosphere so you get the picture. Right?

What happened today? 

Since last three days I was kind of feeling that sensation that the food in my belly is fighting a war to discrete and yet the burden of dumping yet more unhealthy and processed food continued by the master -me. So today was the day when my body decided to fight it out and it started- the natural detox process of the body.

It did not matter what I ate as it all came out. Okay. so I am not trying to give TMI here but I want to just share about my over judgement of my own body. I suffered from diarrhea the whole day but I didn’t take it seriously and I felt “Oh well its good for me.. I don’t have to do extra work as my body is secreting every junk on its own” and I thought to myself that “I am strong enough.. its just a bloody diarrhea” and decided to clean my cupboard. I did a pretty good job at creating my capsule wardrobe for myself (I will be sharing about that soon). And then there it was -my trek bag and snow boots lying in front of me. I had to store them at the storing space inside my bed a week ago so today was meant to be the day.

I Passed out

It so happened that I moved my mattress to open the bed compartment and felt so tired that I could not get a grip of anything and boom- I was flat on the mattress which had by then moved halfway outside the bed by my meager efforts and remained half on the bed. I passed out. Almost an hour after my mom saw me like that and woke me up with a hysteria. Man, the amount of pressure I had put at that time to open my eyes was enormous. Yeah, my mom was a nurse so she knew what to do. I was soon given too much fluid and care. But its amazing that I really took my body for granted today.

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