Abusive Relationship

lets talk about the dirty stuff. Shall we?

If you are connected to some sort of publish media, be it editorials, magazines All around world people are talking about abuse and the effects it has on a person when they are stuck in a abusive relationship. It looks like it happens all the time when stories starts to fly from all across the globe. 

But I feel that emotional abuse if also as important phenomenon as physical abuse and as per me almost everyone is or has been stuck in atleast one emotional abusive relationship in their life. The commonality of the emotional abuse is the most crucial aspect. It’s like we have become used to this and we have adapted this as our way of life. And I want to bring forth the attention of all those who are reading this to first realize that they are in one of such relationships and to understand where to draw a line.

How do you know that you are a victim of emotional abuse?

Below are based on my views and really I am no expert in this area but all the people I have spoken with have these in common. Hence, I use these as. Compass to figure out if I am stuck in one or if I am moving towards one ?

1) Do you feel guilty of not attending to some work even when you know you have not done a mistake? Because they make you feel guilty.

2) Are you often times left to feed for myself by first playing the game of inclusion and then smartly avoiding you or excluding you from places? Like a leash of dog which is left unattended only to grab with both hands as soon as the dog feels he is free.

3) Are you made or asked to behave in a certain way to get their love? Like if you do not behave like this then you loose them and as long as you are obidient you are in inner circle.

4) Are you a bud of joke at all events? Why? Just because you are there.

5) Have you been told that you are so important that they can not survive without you but then the survival becomes an actual survival for you? If you are important than why don’t you feel it?

¬†Does any of these makes sense to you? Maybe these can not be termed as emotional abuse and the person who is doing as an abuser BUT if you are feeling like a victim then maybe it’s time to evaluate the relationship you are in for atleast just a little bit. Maybe you are the abuser who is doing this with yourself by giving the leash to someone not worthy of it.

Please think even if it is for a minute and share with your friends whom you know are in one of these. Please!

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