What is one thing common in all great men?

There is a great quote by George S. Patton saying – Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.

Isn’t it what is common is all great and successful people of all time? Everyone of those had to suffer a major setback loosing everything they got from sometimes money to sometimes love of their lives but one thing that led them to the person that they became later on was the resilience and the power to bounce back.

I got to thinking about the effect a major failure can have on people. As per me it works as a new life leaf where you have already suffered the setback, humiliation, failure and loss which you could never have imagined and there is nothing left to actually provide warmth so then “one becomes the warier- fearless achilles” as they have nothing to loose.

So maybe instead of worrying too much about failing, we should worry about not trying enough or not taking enough risks.

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