Travel coma

I am sorry for not being able to write for last 4 days but guess what I am not that sorry. 😀

Why? Because I was travelling. Yeeee

What started with some official work lead to amazing fun. I am going to write in detail about my travel diary soon and until then let me tell you this…. Please travel as that has the potential to unlock the clogged up brain cells and bring you back to life. Travel can be the best therapy when you are feeling stressed and worked up. Like Saint Augustine said-

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. 

I am all pumped up after these 4 days and ended up getting back on with my dream life stuff. I spent most of my day in researching on various topics AND re-posting my old blogs to this site. Isn’t it fun? Well it surely was fun to read my first trek blog which I had posted on Tripoto. Read that blog here-My first encounter with mountains in 2013 – Naag tibba- part 1

I get a feeling which you can when you finally clean your cupboard as I could finally find time and willingness to start assembling things at one place.

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