Mixed Feelings

There are some days when everything goes fine but still you do not feel right. I mean, its neither awesome and nor bad- simply OKAY. This was my day today.

As always I had a lot of work on my plate but on the contrary of my usual behavior, I got less work done by end of day today. It was simply a hosh-posh kind of a scene at work. The effect of multitasking kept me super busy yet unfulfilled. To be frank, my perfect day at work is when I finish a task like coaching a team member who is not performing well, creating some sort of kick ass file to resolve certain issues, learning a new VBA trick and applying that on my project work etc but today I hustled between all these one after another.

There is one major difference I am noticing in me these days. I think I have finally accepted certain defeats at work environment and my usual meltdown has come to a screeching halt. I really hope that this is the case and I do not end up getting worked up again. BUT this also means that I am in-fact all on my own now. Some times I do look at others and see them laughing and enjoying time but to be frank I do not feel any envy or resentment instead I kind of feel NOTHING. I look at my screen and realize instantaneously that the life I am creating for myself is far more superior than any sort of mild discomfort that I am feeling along the way. Its simply a way to learn detachment.

Moving on, after work there came a shower of pleasant time and that was when I visited my absolute favorite place in DELHI – DECATHLON store.  You know how most people feel when they visit Select City Walk (mall in Delhi)? I feel exactly like that or maybe 10* that feeling when I visit this store. For those of you who do not know much about Decathlon store then please check the details here – Decathlon. It is basically a one stop solution for all adrenaline junkies and I feel like a barbie in a big toy store. Its MY WONDERLAND.

So here’s a news- surprise surprise . I am planning a mountain trek soon and actually there are high chances that I might end up not going because all the buses and trains are booked and taxi fares are more than I can afford. But still we are going to try and this means that I still have hopes so I went shopping for my walking pole, my head torch and my tent sleeping mattress. This will be the first trek where I would be carrying my tent and other life saving things myself. WOW.

Ok, the thing that made my blah day goes wow was when at the purchase counter, the guy asked me if I was going for a hike and you know this is that moment when you feel awe look at the wonderful life as there is someone who knows whats its like to hike. We had this small talk where this guy at billing counter told me about his upcoming trek and he asked about my trek and our conversation was almost like you meet someone who is a Pizza lover like you and then you talk- “Oh tomorrow I am going to this new pizzeria and I have heard they serve the crispiest bread” —“wow, thats great. I also would like that and I have been to that pizzeria once”…but only it was not about Pizza.

I want to write way more but my dear friends, this girl needs to sleep. Before I go I want to say that please do visit Decathlon store and get mesmerized. All the guys and girls working in the store are adrenaline junkies – the smart kick-ass people. Go and have fun.


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