For the past 6 months I have been grumbling to everyone who knows me that I am turning into chronic tired syndrome case as I am tired all the time. Last night I switched on my Laptop and slept while sitting there and this was second time in the week. The reasons are many including my 5.30 hours of daily commute to work, stress induced work activities, long hours at work, less sleep and no activity as no time.

So I have complained a lot but what action did I take to improve this? NONE.

I would always think that getting more done in my day would need me to change my job or move closer to work which btw are both not very good and fast options at the moment. So I need to try and modify some parts of my day to day work to get some more relaxation time in my daily schedule. There is also one thing which I never mention to anyone and that is my mom’s health which is also deteriorate every day and I believe that my added work is one of the reasons. So I am going to find time to cook my own meals everyday and also cook dinner for family at least on some days.

So here is my plan-

30 days of me challenge #30daysofme

Last year also I tried something like this and could not sustain that beyond 1 week and Mr Hanson says that the reason is my “trying to do everything attitude” and he is damn right. We all fall into this circuit where we simply announce one day to workout everyday , eat healthy and write everyday but end up watching TV during extra hour with munchies in hand.

I also do believe that we get better at something with practice. For example, I have been doing Keto diet since last 4 months and eating healthy for almost 3 years and hence I am used to not eating too much of junk food. Although, during the previous month of weird sadness which I had almost every day, I did find solace in junk food a lot but all I am trying to say is that I have done being healthy for a veryyyy long time and hence I feel I can control my urges to eat junk food much better now.

So the plan is to include three things in my daily life to attain a sustained health goal, calmer mind and FUN.

The three things are-

  1. 30 days of Keto
  2. Daily Meditation
  3. DIY balcony makeover

Yeeeee, I am so excited about this and why only these three?

Well, I feel that these would bring me closer to myself and I would have some more serenity in my life if I can bring my health back on track and get some calm mind with meditation.

About Balcony- I have always had this feeling to do a makeover of my boring balcony space but always avoided getting into that as that would cost money so I am trying to now do this with all DIYs. Suggest me some nice and easy tutorials and I am going to do this on every week off.

I am planning to prep my meals in advance at least twice a week and cook it in the night for the next day. I am also going to cut down on my dinner a lot to simply sleep easily and sooner after I come from work. I am not completely sure about all the dos and don’t yet and hence lets leave all that to the hit and trial methods of each day.

You can also join me in this challenge and I hope that together we can revamp out daily lives by doing something which is important to us but we miss out on each day. Lets do #30daysofme.

Wish me luck

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  1. I love this Sheetal! I support you!! I started something similar at the beginning of the year. I made a chart that looks like a calendar and I give myself stars for the number of “good habits” I complete in a day (Practice my french lessons, go for a run, gardening, etc. I even give myself a star when I read a book because I have so many I want to finish haha) This will be great and I know you’ll feel so accomplished. Nothing but love for you, girl. <3

  2. Thanks so much Allison. I feel it in my bones that this would give many a way to do more in a day. And as for me, I am so excited to try this. Thanks for your love and support.

  3. I am in too sweetie…. My 3 things will be
    Exercise at least 4 times a week
    eating right
    one activity with my daughter. I am thinking of swimming coupe of times a week.

  4. This is awesome. Let’s do this. Do remember to post a picture with hashtag. On Instagram tag me and then hashtag..Let’s begin a new trend of life

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