Long, twisted and beautifully decorated sidewalk,
Smiling people, stray cats and friend's excitement,
Faraway floating ships, overhead planes and never ending coastline,
It was Istanbul and its beach,
Alone, free and it had me.

As I walked down this beautiful paradise, I felt,
Alive & Free.

The world stood for me,
No worries of tomorrow,
No complaints from today,
No fear left beneath the surface,
I could simply evaporate today.

Who was I at that moment had no meaning,
I was nothing and yet I was everything,
Pretty, free, joy, loved and nobody were my few names,
The bench, stones and walk,
From any place you look, the vastness remained the same,
Giant, full of life and endless opportunities were some of it's names.

It didn't differentiate me basis the color of my skin,
the tone of my voice and my unquestionable sense of life,
It had no value of what I possessed, who loved me and what were
my dreams,
But it spoke,
Softly and only in whispers,
It was not easy to listen,
Because of which I had to be really be still and quiet.

I tried but then soft cold breeze touched my broken heart,
Nothing remained true and nothing was anymore far,
Love seemed real and life looked not scared,
Time, patience and smile, it said I had to abide by,
But who cared if it takes time,
As you are alive & free on this night.

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