Sitting lifeless on a sofa in Delhi I called my mother, “Mumma, something is wrong with me. I need to go to doctor right now. She wasn’t expecting to be disturbed like this during her dinner prep time but probably she sensed the pain in my voice. 


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Hi, I am Sheetal and I am so happy to see you are here.

A friend recently said,’ how cool it will be to reinvent yourself every 10 years ; Get into a new career, shred old habits plus get new ones, meet different kinds of people, and experience more facets of life that you otherwise wouldn’t. In reality, it can be difficult to completely resurrect oneself but when life allows you to do that then you must act on it. 

I am listening to that advice and acting on it.


I started blogging around the year 2011 and little did I know that the words were acting as an outlet. I was saved in the process from one of the hardest downfalls of my life. This blog is and has always been a sacred place where I freely and fearlessly sprinkle thoughts and ideas. This is my happy place and I am really glad to be sharing a part of this with you right now.


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There are many words which can only be translated in their native language since English has no related word for them. One such word for me is this Welch word Hiraeth.

On one quiet & chilly night, four friends were walking back home from a party. Singing, having a fun dance, enjoying the sense of ‘being alive’ like anyone after a party. But unlike anyone, they were stopped by the German army and questioned on the reason behind staying out after the curfew as they were in Guernsey during the occupation. To save their lives they blabbered that they were coming from their book club meeting – The Guernsey-uuhhh -lllLiterary –aaaAnd Potato Peel Pie Society. And the society was formed!

The real story starts when after the war, a member of society from Guernsey, Dawsey Adams writes a letter to an Author in England, Juliet Ashton. He finds her address in one of her old books that she probably sold for money during the war. Dawsey wants an address of a book store in England. She gets interested and writes him back with the book and 3 questions. The letters are honest, simple and yet it captures your attention. Personal note-‘I have a thing for written communication and authors and ummm history so maybe this was supposed to be a movie I would like.’

My Opinions-


  • This is not a generic period drama showing the time of German Occupation on the Island of Guernsey in England. Rather, the movie showed the lives unfolding during and after the dreadful World War ll. There are many scenes in the movies that capture your attention and you are completely absorbed in the times of dismay. It is a historical romance story based on a 2008 written novel by Many Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrow. Surprisingly it is not based on any single person’s life. However, as per the writer, she received many heartfelt letters after the book was published on how the story resembled many reader’s lives of that time.

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