I love you GOD.eye_of_god_by_tarthiev-1

Yes you heard it right. I have really fallen in love with you and your ways.

No really, I am serious.

Ok to be frank it’s not today that I have fallen in love with you.

I have always been there but at difficult times I felt drifted to the other side.

Remember that time when I cursed you for everything bad in my life?

Well, I am sorry for that. That day I felt you don’t love me and may be you are an illusion.

Funny thing is  I felt I have stopped loving you too.

But I was your foolish girl back then and I know you knew it.

You always knew that I will bounce back.

Today, I want to express my love to you.

I hope you have time for it.

You must be thinking why I want to say all this to you today.

Well, you taught me that there is no perfect moment to express love and gratitude.

So, let ours be today.

Let today be the day when I tell you how much you mean to me.

Don’t get me wrong now.

This is not an act of buttering but my honest message to you.

This is not one of those deals in which I tell you to give me this and that if I will burn 1000 candles in church or feed 1000 poor.

But yes I might still do that sometime as old habits don’t die soon.

However, I hope you would have noticed now that I ask very little for myself from you.

I now know that you have given all of your powers to me and with that I can achieve anything I want.

All I need is will and persistence.

So that’s why I pray to you for that sometimes.

It’s funny that before also I never asked you anything.

I actually begged.

I begged for a better life, for a loving partner, for better job and even for better physique. LOL.

Sometimes I got what I wished for and then I acted in a foolish act of gratitude which lasted only 2 seconds “Thank You God” and sometimes I missed out on that too.

But I was even worse when I did not get something I wished for.

At that time I never missed a chance to blame you, taunt you, fight with you, get angry with you and even deserted you for a while.

But you were still there for me.

No matter what.

No matter what I did  and said I now know that you never deserted me.

Instead you made me stronger by letting me flutter my wings harder at hard times.

I am such a stupid girl of yours.

I blamed you for everything but now I can see what you were doing with me was
actually pretty impressive.

You were preparing me for a better and wider space.

You were making me an empty vessel as that is what can hold the blessings.

I know that you are still working on me.

But now I know of your love.

And all I want to say to you is “I Love You”.

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