Read this when feeling lost

Covid 19 has created many challenges for people. Some are easy to accept and others can throw you out of balance. I was feeling lost and it was not only because of side effects of Covid rather I went through the phase of self doubt and disappointment. All I could think of was the mistakes […]

Save Money In Quarantine

Today, I had to make a decision which was more powerful than saving my rickshaw money. So, many of you know that I use Insulin to survive and I test my blood sugar atleast 5 times a day( which is a part of prescription).

Dine In Silence!

When I am at work then I prefer eating my lunch at my desk while working. Why? Because that way I can utilize my lunch hour for a walk after meal. Smarrrrt. But when I am eating at home then I eat either while watching TV or these days watching something on any social media […]

Power Dynamics Of Emails CC’s

Some one once asked me if I know the method to add people in CC list in office emails? By that time, I had not really had the opportunity to add people higher up than me in the email but when he asked, I figured that this would be a power dynamic type of situation […]

For My Mother

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers Rudyard Kipling Lets talk about her today. Remember the last time you really looked at her? The moment when you saw for the first time that she is getting older? Do you remember the instant when you felt the strange worry that she might not […]

My Daily Routine In Quarantine

I could not wait to work from home and the moment it was declared , I felt happy yet so damn confused at the same time. It was not easy moving whole business remotely.

How Much We Actually Need

Every time some one from our family visits abroad , my sister asks for a bottle of perfume form her large list of famous perfume brands. In her own way, she is a perfume connoisseur. Since most of these famous French brands are relatively inexpensive outside India, she makes sure she gets one in her […]

Daily Life During Pandemic

Imagine how it would be to go outside and sell things as we do otherwise , in some or other capacity. I know there are people who lost their jobs, had salary cuts and many more tragedies.