Amor Vida : Love Life Day 132

Obsession I have been reading a lot about her since last few weeks and its safe to say that I am totally obsessed with her. I know there are many more entreprenuors who did it all by themselves and they are all mind blowing if you ask me but this woman has something too brave […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 130

To all those friends who just wont learn.   Penny: Sheldon have you changed your wireless password again? Sheldon: Yes, it’s “Penny get your own WiFi”; no spaces. You have a friend like that? well tag your friends. I am tagging mine.

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 129

Wishes We were now driving through a beautiful mountain meadow valley, if that’s even a thing of reality. ┬áHe had asked me if I would write a blog about this and I said yes, little did I know that this would be the thing I would be writing about. Our car moved like a serpent […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 127

My must have playlist I, Sheetal Pawar, take you, the playlist, to be my lawfully non wedded partner, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. Seriously this is not a joke. I utterly and completely […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 126

Today? He opened the door of his house and looked at the dark wall in front of him. He had not motive to switch on the light and so he stood there at the door for another few minutes. His stare was constant on the point ahead of him which was now slowly becoming visible […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 125

Why should I matter? Who am I to want special attention from people? What have I done worthy in my life to get it and why should anyone care? Frankly speaking, I have no clue. I ask myself that have I ever been super awesome with people and that they should care about me?  If […]