Amor Vida : Love Life Day 33

Choose your battle wisely I mentioned yesterday that I am going to put light on my February goals but somehow too tired to keep my eyes open for even another 5 minutes. So I am going to skip that bit today and promise to write all about what I am feeling tomorrow. Promise. For now […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 32

Search Continues Let me begin this by saying that life gets easy when we open ourselves for all sorts of experiences. Loosing my phone was one of those life lessons which everyone needs in life. Such episodes makes us come face to face with our weaknesses and strengths. I certainly have particles of both in […]

Amor Vida : Love Life Day 31

Bad News Precisely 4 hours ago I was walking back home and three goons came on a bike from behind, hit me on my shoulder, snatched my mobile and rode away. And I had spent my last 2.5 hours in police stations and Airtel store. Finally I reached home exasperated and with a stuffy nose […]