Dream Big

Being quiet, being spontaneous, being wild and being shy at the same time – these are some of my characters. I often times try to analyze myself but no to my surprise I love the way life has shaped me- complex and nice. I know it. I have one more character or so to speak […]

My Travel Wish List

After giving some serious thought on the places I wish and can afford to visit this year, I came to a conclusion about the below mentioned places- 1) Gangtok (Sikkim) –  I Always wanted to visit this place but could never go. This year I am definitely going there. I have decided the days of […]

wake me up when its all over

I love lyrics of this song from Avicci and I keep humming it to myself. I can’t tell where the journey will end But I know where it starts They tell me I’m too young to understand They say I’m caught up in a dream Well life will pass me by if I don’t open […]