Sitting lifeless on a sofa in Delhi I called my mother, “Mumma, something is wrong with me. I need to go to doctor right now. She wasn’t expecting to be disturbed like this during her dinner prep time but probably she sensed the pain in my voice. 

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Do you find the cultures of the world interesting? Do you often wonder what a “Spaniards” eats for breakfast? How does a French stay healthy with all that cake in front of her? What is different in Nordic countries that keeps them high on the Happiness index? 

I find it very exciting and my wish is to design my life (mindfully) by creating a unique culture for ME and MY FAMILY. I spend a lot of time researching different communities and get thrilled to see their unique habits and cultures and it has never been easier to really get to know someone who lives on the other end of the planet in her unique style? 

You can tell that I am somewhat of a culture geek. My husband lovingly calls me a ‘Hyper Benevolent Cross-Sectional Cultural Warrior’. In 2022, I have decided to really get to the bottom of this frenzy of mine and research 12 cultures of the world. If you are someone who find this very interesting then hop on my culture train and ride 2022 with me.

But designing life is not limited to just cultures of the world, you will find articles on physical & mental health, relationships, economic travels, Type 1 Diabetes, life of an Indian abroad and much more. 

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There are many words which can only be translated in their native language since English has no related word for them. One such word for me is this Welch word Hiraeth.

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I found what I was searching my whole life

When 16 years old Sheetal was singing her favorite Dido song, “Don’t leave home”, she did not know that this song was changing her. It meant so much to her that she would carry it around like a theme song of her life.

Today I remembered this song out of blue and was surprised how all those emotions came rushing back within seconds. I now know what my 16 years old self was doing when she was singing it from the epiglottis– She was searching.

It was a never ending and continuous search. But for what? Was it for love or affection, for appreciation or acceptance, maybe for friend at certain part of life or romance? 

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